How to Reset Amcrest Camera

how to reset amcrest password

Many times the users want to customize the settings of Amcrest products like camera, doorbell, and sometimes we lose the password or setting, etc, so we need to reset Amcrest camera default setting. Here Amcrest Technical Support ,guides you on how to reset Amcrest camera to default factory settings and other issues related to Amcrest camera which can arise the need to Reset Amcrest camera.

Reset Amcrest Camera: Battery operated cameras

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Know this important information before you Reset Amcrest Camera. A factory reset is the option to revert your device settings back to its original factory default. To factory reset Amcrest camera device you have to find where is the the reset button and for Amcrest it is on the back of your Smart Hub device. You will need a pin or paper clip or similar object to reset Amcrest camera. Please find below the general  information on how to factory reset Amcrest device.

Amcrest camera reset Steps begin here: To start the Amcrest reset process, delete your Amcrest device from the Amcrest Smart Home app.

To delete your device please follow the steps given below

  • You need to log into your Amcrest Smart Home app and select your device ( you want to reset) from the Devices menu. 
  • Now find and tap on the Settingsgears2.png ) icon. 
  • In the options given on next screen please tap on Delete Device
  • This is very important that, If you want to save your old or previous recordings, you must select or tap on “Keep Recordings“.
  • Now you need to tap on Delete and the device will be removed from the account settings.
  • Now lets move on to the smart hub device and locate the reset button on the back of your Smart Hub. it is a tiny hole on the left side of the power port.
  • Insert the pin, or similar device, into the reset hole and while pressing it hold the reset button for 45 seconds. The LED on the Smart Hub will flash indicating the device is resetting in process. Once the flashing stops, you are done with the hard reset and Amcrest camera Reset is complete. 


amcrest camera IP address

To find Ip address of your camera: Customers access their Amcrest Camera via Pc, Laptop, or Mac computer by opening a mainstream web browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc. Some customers get stuck with Ip address after reset. To locate the camera’s IP address, you need to download our free.Amcrest IP Config Tool software. Click to Download After installing, find the IP address associated with the device you would like to view in the browser.

Open the web browser and enter this IP address into the browser. Press enter to access the web user interface.

Amcrest camera web access

In the web interface , enter the login credentials for your device. If this is often the primary time accessing the device, the username and password will both be admin. Click on Login.

How to reset amcrest camera password

If this is the first time logging into your device, you will be prompted to modify the password for your device. To modify the password, enter the new password you’d wish to use within the New Password field and ensure that the password used should be between 8 and 32 characters long with a combination of letters and numbers.Click OK and allow the stream to load. But at times, few the steps given for resetting may vary according to your system and software and access device variables. On the Amcrest forum too, customers report for not being able to find the correct option according to their device interface. Still the process remain to access settings and perform Amcrest camera password reset through configuration settings. you can always talk to Amcrest support in case you find any difficulties while changing the camera password.

How to Reset to Default Settings

Note: Using the Restore to Default Settings button directly from the online interface of
your device won’t reset the admin password for your device. To reset the password, a
physical, hard factory reset will have to be performed and can vary from model to
Step 1: Log in to the web user interface (Web UI) for your device. For more information
on the way to access the online UI for your device, click here.
Step 2: In the web UI, navigate to, Setup>>System>>Default Settings>>Default Settings.
Step 3: Click on the Restore to Default Settings tab located within the Default Settings
Step 4: A prompt will appear asking if you are sure that you would like to proceed with
the factory reset. Click OK to start the reset.
A reset of your device will occur. You can log out of the web UI and log back in. The
settings for your device are going to be reset to its original factory default settings.

Reset Amcrest Camera
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How To Perform A Factory Reset Amcrest Camera- Reset amcrest camera

A factory reset of the Indoor Pro HD IP Camera to its original system state by erasing all of the knowledge stored on the device in an effort to revive the device’s software to its original manufacturer settings. Sometimes the security cameras stop to connect to the web servers, it is the time to reset to the factory specs.
Note: Before performing a physical, hard factory reset, it’s recommended to first
perform a reset via the online interface (Web UI) of the camera on a computer. This is
useful also if you are doing not have direct, physical access to your camera. For more
information on the way to perform a factory reset within the web UI of your camera,
click here. This has an external factory reset button lit by a LED located on the backside of the camera. Press and hold the factory push button for about 20 seconds, or until the green light changes to red. Once the light turns red, the process will begin. This will ultimately restore the device to its factory settings and can reset ALL of the camera’s settings. The factory reset will finish by panning and tilting the camera, ensuring operation and therefore the light will turn green and the camera then gets completely reset back to its factory state.

Reset Amcrest Camera Reset Defaults
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A hard reset of your Amcrest camera will catch on back to its original state by removing all the information stored on your device. It will restore the System to the innovative software of the device with the default factory settings. Your password will be reset to the Amcrest default password which is admin.

How to hard reset Amcrest camera:Before performing this reset method, you should complete the factory reset using the online interface. It is expected to unravel most of the issues you’re facing together with your Amcrest camera. This method can be useful if you cannot physically access your camera. Because the hard reset method requires you to possess physical access way to reset Amcrest camera.
If you’ve got planned to perform a tough reset of your Amcrest camera, then locate the external factory push button at the backside of your Amcrest camera. An LED will light the button.It resets the Amcrest camera back to its original factory defaults. Be careful with this button in standard scenarios once you don’t want to reset your camera. In our case, you would like to proceed with pressing this button for about 20 seconds. You will notice a change in the light above the button which has now turned red from green. This shows that the reset process has started. Now this may completely restore your camera to its factory defaults.
The factory reset will finish once you notice the camera tilting sidewise. The light above the reset button will once again turn green. After that, you’ll set your new password and username for your camera by accessing the web UI to form sure the security and privacy of your data.
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