How to setup Amcrest camera

amcrest camera failed to connect error, How to fix guide from Amcrest tech support

How to Setup Amcrest Camera : Basics

Every Amcrest camera when we buy it comes with box containing different item with manual. Amcrest camera manual, that help us to learn on, how to setup Amcrest camera system either in home or office, be indoor or outdoor. With Amcrest camera setup manual, you can properly go about setting up Amcrest camera at your home/office, but it gives you an overview and few customers may need additional information and help for proper set up and integration with other devices like smart home systems etc.

This Amcrest support section is to help our customer to gives right suggestion and idea “how to setup Amcrest camera”. The purpose of that is to make it easier to understand camera setup procedures. How you setup Amcrest camera, depends on how you want to use it, i.e. wired or wireless. Perhaps, you also want remote access as well as local access. The ways you record and store your footage are other considerations. The only way to make everything simple is to break it all down in to digestible, easy-to-understand sections, so that’s what we’ll do.

Different ways to setup Amcrest camera system

You have four options to setup Amcrest camera, click on the option you have desire:-

  1. Setup Amcrest camera to your smartphone with the Amcrest App.
  2. Setting up Amcrest camera to your computer (home desktop)
  3. Setting up Amcrest camera to peer to peer networking
  4. Setup Amcrest camera with cloud storage.

Note* Please check internet connection to computer, phone and other devices. It is recommended to confirm your internet functionality, like speed and signal strength, right at the spot where you are going to install the device. Poor network will result in Amcrest camera wi-fi connectivity issues. Check this link to resolve any wi-fi problem with your Amcrest camera and click here to confirm the network speed and signal.

Connecting Amcrest Camera with Amcrest App

Download Amcrest View Pro App for camera Set up.

Amcrest view pro : This App is recommended for Amcrest camera setup and it works with HDCVI/NVR/Eco HDCVI/IPC as well. The Pro version contains features such as push notifications, sharing video and image files, exporting video in MP4 format, and exporting image files to your phone. The view pro app can help you not only setup, but manage and control your devices from one single user friendly interface.

Download Amcrest Smart Home App:

Android version : Amcrest smart Home App

IOS Version : Amcrest smart Home App

Always use the latest edition of this app for new system setup. For older systems and access devices sometimes a user may have to roll back to previous version due to software compatibility issues. Also set the apps for auto updates for better functionality and end user experience. For App related issues , you can always refer to Amcrest app support.

Setup Amcrest Camera with Smart Home App: Smart Hub

Note:  The Amcrest Smart Home app allows us to access the Amcrest camera as well as the smart hub. You cannot view the device via Amcrest NVRs, Blue Iris, or any other surveillance software. You would need an Amcrest account to setup Amcrest camera access and operate the App, so if you are new to Amcrest, please create an Amcrest account. If you already have an Amcrest account, to know more and to setup your Amcrest camera, you are requested to follow the below given steps:

 1: Download the Amcrest Smart home App from the link given above according to your device. After opening the Amcrest Smart Home app, tap on “Register” for registering an account.  When an account gets registered, log into the app and should tap on “Add Device”. You get the option to create an account here, do it or existing users can simply log in.

2: To add device( add your camera to app), the QR code which is located on bottom on your smart hub needs to be scanned. Your phone assist you to scan the code via App. If you are unable to scan the QR code, you can also manually enter the serial number by tapping “Manually enter SN”. You can find the serial number  on the serial tag, which is on the sticker at bottom of the smart hub to setup Amcrest camera.

3: You should connect one end of an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port ,which is on the back of your smart hub & the other end of your cable to your router. After applying power to the smart hub and the device should be allowed to boot. You must make sure that, your phone and your smart hub should be on the same Wi-Fi network.The flashing of LED on the smart hub will disappear, if it gets connected properly and then you can start adding cameras.Tap “Next”  for continuing the Amcrest camera setup process.

 4: Now, in the Amcrest camera setup we come to password and you can create a password. This is going to be  the password for your smart hub. The  password which you enter,should be minimum of 8 characters which must having upper/ lowercase letters and numbers & then confirm. In case,if you forget the password for our device, a recovery email can be entered. Then tap “OK” to continue. 

 5: First, set the “Time Zone” to your current time zone  & then set “DST” (Daylight Savings Time) settings, if it is  applicable. If you would like to have these settings saved as default to be added to future devices, You can toggle the “Save as Default” switch to on position,if you want to save settings as added as default to future devices. Tap “Next” for continuing.

6: You should give your device a name as per you device location or your choice, whatever you prefer to call that camera.  After naming  your device,  you should tap on the save icon to continue the camera setup.

7: Now, you have added  the smart hub to your Amcrest Smart Home app, and now start pairing cameras to the smart hub. Once the cameras are paired your setup has been complete!. Tap “Next” to complete the setup. 

Pairing the cameras with Smart Hub

Now, when the Smart Hub is connected with the App, you are ready to add or pair the cameras using the smart hub. The Hub can support up to a maximum of 6 battery cameras. Bring the cameras close to the Hub when you begin the paring process. There are Sync Buttons on your camera and the Smart Hub, please locate the buttons, as we need to press these buttons to initiate the sync between devices.

  1. Now, when the Hub is added to the App, it gives you the option next to proceed with pairing. Tap “Next” to continue.
  2. To begin the sync, Press the Sync button on the front of the smart hub, an indicator LED on the hub will start flashing.
  3. Now immediately, press the Sync button on the back of the camera. A green indicator light on the front of the camera will start flashing. Which means the camera is pairing to the smart hub. Once the LED lights on the smart hub and camera have both disappeared, the camera has been successfully paired. Tap “Next” in the app to continue and the camera has been synced now to the Smart Hub and the App.
  4. If you have more cameras to add, please tap on the option Add another camera and follow the same sync button process for the device pairing. Once you are done pairing all the cameras with the Smart Hub, tap on Finish. It will take you live screen option and you are ready to customize settings.

Now, you should have the live feed from the camera system and ready to install, Check for firmware upgrades and customize your motion detection and notification settings. For any issues during setup of Amcrest device, reboot your system and try adding it again, if problem persist, speak with Support desk. For device pairing, make sure the cameras are kept right next to the Hub during the process. Once pairing is done, you can install the cameras to the respective position and adjust the camera angle with live view. To properly setup Amcrest camera and get the right angle of view, install cameras while you have live feed on your access device ie: phone. For any issues during sync, reboot your camera and Smart Hub and retry. Connect with support for any setup related errors.

What if, the Indicator Light On My Smart Hub and Camera Turn Red, when i setup Amcrest camera?

Red light is primarily an indication that the sync has failed during the setup process. It may happen during the paring process, when the camera fails to sync with the Hub properly . To fix this you may need to re-sync the camera back to the hub and try pairing again. To re-sync the camera, press and hold the sync button on the back of the camera until the indicator light on the front of the camera turns red. Once it turns red release the sync button and pair the camera back to your smart hub. Confirm you internet is working properly and if still not able to setup Amcrest camera system, go for Amcrest camera reset and try once again.

Setup Amcrest camera with View Pro App

You would require the Amcrest View Pro App on your phone to manage your device. So, select from the links given at the top section to download the view pro app as per your device or search for app in Google play store for android and App store for IOS devices . Make sure you phone is also connected to the same wi-fi network when you setup Amcrest camera system and the internet is running in good condition. We recommend users to confirm the wi-fi functionality for quick setup and better performance, because of network is bad, the device setup will fail most likely. Now, lets start with the process to set up your wi-fi cameras to Amcrest view App. 

  1. First of all to begin the setup of Amcrest camera system on View pro app, power on your Amcrest wireless camera. Wait for few seconds and allow the camera to start-up and initialize.
  2. Now, lets start with the setup on phone. Launch the Amcrest view pro app on your phone and we are now ready to setup Amcrest camera.
  3. Tab the menu icon( three horizontal lines) on the top left to open the view pro App menu.
  4. It will open up the menu list, scroll down or find  and click on the option “Device Manager
  5. Once you tap the device manager, the next screen you will see a “+” icon, Please tap it. It will now take you to the “Add Device” screen
  6. Now, tap on Add device and you will be prompted to select the device you are trying to add, like Wifi camera, POE and DVR. Select your device accordingly and we will go with option wi-fi camera here.
  7. Next, you will have to select the connection type, in this case select the left tab, which says “Set Up A New Camera On WiFi” to begin adding the device to the app.How to Setup amcrest camera via View pro app - wifi configuration
  8. The mobile device camera will open up automatically, to scan the QR code located on the device, being added to Amcrest View App. Try to scan the QR code and proceed to next step once scanning is done. If it fails, you can select the option and enter in the Serial Number manually. Your mobile device may request for some additional permissions to allow the application to use your camera. Once accepted your mobile device will then be ready to scan the QR code.
  9. When the QR code scan is complete or the serial number has been added to your app has been accepted, you will be seeing the option to name your camera (bedroom, living room etc.). After you name your camera, please enter the camera’s username and password. The default username and password is admin. Once this information is entered, please press “Next” to continue.
  10. Once you tap “Next“, it will take you to wi-fi network configuration screen, as the phone is already connected to wi-fi. So, your SSID (network name) will be detected and will ask you for the wi-fi password.  If your device was not connected to the WiFi network, the Network SSID  needs to be selected from the list and enter password or do it manually.
  11. Once you’ve entered your wi-fi password, the camera will attempt to connect. This can take up to two minutes, to complete the device configuration with the View App. After that, the prompt saying “Camera Successfully Connected” will appear on your mobile device screen when the connection is established. Start viewing your camera by tapping on “Start Live Preview“.

Please note* If your existing device password is not secure as per guidelines, the app will prompt for new password. So enter the new password which should be more than 8 characters and alpha numeric. Once password is changed you can go to live view and then modify the settings according to your needs. It is recommended that cameras should be installed once it is connected via App, so that you can have the live view and adjust your camera angle to cover the right area. Customize your motion sensor settings, light and notification options as per your requirements. If the Amcrest camera fails to connect to wifi reboot your device and router,try again or follow the wifi troubleshooting steps given in the link above. If your camera looses wifi connection when installed on the wall it could be wifi network signal problem, try to fix that first.

Amcrest camera setup with View Pro  using Ethernet WiFi Setup option

The steps for POE or Ethernet connected camera device remains same as for wifi setup except the 7th step. You simply need to select the option for POE set up in step 7 and follow the remaining steps as it is. There is no other difference for Amcrest camera setup via  Ethernet with Amcrest view Pro App. Select your connection type option gives you the prompt for Ethernet, in this case select Ethernet WiFi Setup to setup your camera via an Ethernet cable.  For the cameras which are already hooked up to the Ethernet before, you need to select the connection option “Add an already connected camera”,and follow the same procedure. For any kind of issues during setup, please speak with support for further help.

How To Setup Amcrest Camera: IP/Domain with View Pro

How to setup Amcrest camera using the IP and domain method is the common query. Most of the users prefer the Amcrest camera setup method as described above, but that’s not all. Amcrest View Pro allow end users with different options for connecting your Amcrest camera to the Amcrest View Pro app. However, for Amcrest camera remote access setup, the most secure and recommended way to connect your device use the IP/Domain/DDNS method. To setup Amcrest camera using the IP/Domain/DDNS, the end user or customer will need to first port forward that specific device. This would allow your camera to establish a public IP address instead of using a local IP address. This allows to access your device remotely outside of your network on any other third party device as well.

You can Confirm or verify your Public IP here:

Check the complete article on how to setup remote access for Amcrest camera here:

In View Pro App, please follow these steps for Amcrest camera setup using the Ip/Domain Setup

  1. Open View Pro App and go to device list by tapping the top right corner icon for device list.
  2. In the Device List menu, tap on Add Device to begin adding the device to the app. Select which type of device you want to connect. It can be either a WiFi camera or POE Camera. Select according to your device original configuration if already a connected camera.
  3. Now, select as per your device connection (ie POE or Wi-fi). If you selected POE camera, you need to tap on IP/Domain/DDNS option at the bottom. However, if you select WiFi camera tap on “Add An Already Connected Camera”. In this menu, select the option which says “IP/Domain/DDNS” Setup
  4.  To Control the device access and view your device locally, meaning in your home network only, please enter a local IP address. For viewing or to setup Amcrest camera for remote access, you need to use a public IP address. Click here to check your Public IP.
  5. If the TCP port you are entering is not valid, please try using the HTTP port number. If using the HTTP port number, make sure to port forward this port using both TCP/UDP protocols. Make sure the port forwarding is enabled on your router.
  6. If you have already connected with DDNS service, make sure to enter the complete DDNS IP address into the IP field and provide the TCP port number as well in the port field. Tap “Next” to continue.
  7. The last steps is to enter the device name and then enter the username and password associated with your device. Once complete, tap on the Start Live View button to view your camera. 

This is how you can easily set up Amcrest camera with IP/ Domain configuration for a complete access outside your network. When you would read for more information there are lot of apps that you can use for DDNS , but we recommend using the Amcrest DDNS service for security reasons. It totally depends upon end user choice, how to setup Amcrest camera system and select t from the available connection type options. Your router or firewall settings may require few alterations to grant access to device to setup Amcrest camera communication outside the network.

How To Search for a previously connected camera : Amcrest View Pro App

This would be handy for customers, who have initially set up a camera on the network, and would like to add it into the Amcrest View Pro app now. Lets see how to setup Amcrest camera already connected to wi-fi or network using view pro. Please make sure your phone is connected to same network as camera.

  1. Open the View Pro app and tap on the (+) sign and Add Device to access the Select Device menu.How to setup Amcrest camera on view pro and search for an old or previously wifi connected camera
  2. Once you are in the select device type menu, now tap on Search Device option.
  3. Now the App will search for available devices( wait for search to complete), and a list will appear with all connected cameras devices on the network. You need to select the camera/ device from the list and click on Connection Type.
  4.  From here, you simply need to follow the process of adding the device as mentioned for Amcrest camera setup section above depending upon your mode of connection. For PoE device, tap on P2P Setup. For the device using an already setup DDNS address, tap on IP/Domain/DDNS, if you are setting up a WiFi camera, tap on Ethernet WiFi Setup.  device connection type : How to setup Amcrest camera

How To Setup Amcrest Camera Static IP With Amcrest View Pro App

When you search on how to setup AMcrest camera system, there are many options to choose from. But, with IP address, you have only two options, your Amcrest camera either works on a static or dynamic IP address. Your Amcrest camera needs an IP address to send and receive data over the network. The device will connect to the network using an IP address after you configure it. It could be a Dynamic IP or a Static IP. Dynamic IP is automated by the networking protocols and and keeps on changing while Static IP remains the same all the time. A static IP address is suitable for the tech savy or customers who press more on online security, as this option provides an added layer of protection. Lets see how to Assign Static IP during Amcrest camera setup. Static IP address is manually reserved for the device only, meaning no one else can have access to it unless you allow give permission. Click for benefits of Static Ip over Dynamic IP.

Here are the instructions on how to setup Amcrest camera Static IP using the Amcrest View Pro App.

  1. Lets access and open the Amcrest View Pro App on your mobile device. Now Tap on the “main menu”mceclip0.png icon) located in the top left-hand corner. In the menu options tap on “Configuration Center” option.
  2. Now, the Configuration Center menu will open up and you need to tap on “IP Settings”. This will give you the list of devices and you can now select your device from the “IP Settings” menu.
  3. When device is selected, on the next screen for IP settings menu, please tap on the “Mode” option to display the drop down menu. tap on “Static” to set the device to a static IP address. It will be set to dynamic by default and from here you can later on switch the mode later on as well.
  4. The IP setting will be saved automatically, once the Static option is selected. Tap on the back arrow (mceclip1.png) to exit the IP Settings menu. Your device is now ready to accept the static IP and you can configure it further via your Router.

Remember* When a static IP is set the device’s IP address will remain the same even if the device is turned off, looses power or goes offline. A static IP address set can offer a more stable connection as well as provide a more efficient means of accessing your Amcrest camera remotely.

How to Setup Amcrest Camera on Peer to Peer (P2P) Networking

Once you have setup your camera on the internet, the p2p setup option can be worked out. This p2p feature allows you to add your wi-fi Camera to multiple tablets and smartphones.

Here are the steps for setting up p2p from scratch. Make sure the device is connected to wifi or the Ethernet.

  • Launch the Amcrest app from your device and tap on the Menu icon.
  • From the Menu options find and tap on the Device Manager option
  • From the Device Manager screen, tap the “+” icon and then choose “P2P
  • Tap the “QR Code” in the S/N field to scan the QR bar code on the bottom of your camera
  • Once you’ve scanned the QR Code you’re at the login screen. Login here
  • Tap the Next button for the Amcrest app to connect your device to the camera.
  • Now tap the Start Live Preview option.

For DVRs / NVRs

  • In the DVR main menu go to Settings. Then Click on option Network.
  • In the network tab options, click on the P2P settings menu on the bottom left side. 
  • In the P2P menu, click on the check box in the Enable field to enable or disable your P2P connection.
  • If you are using the Web interface, in the  Web UI, click on the Settings  icon. In the settings menu, click on Network. Then go to TCP/IP and can access P2P.



How to Setup and use Amcrest Cloud Storage option?

The device basic setup remains same as we discussed above and for cloud storage you simply need to sign on to Amcrest cloud and add the camera there. Amcrest cloud storage (paid service: check plans) setup gives you an additional layer of security, where all your videos get saved on cloud and in case of any loss of physical equipment, you would have access to the videos anyways. Because, the footage is not on device but Amcrest cloud storage. With cloud storage, you get to access, store and playback on any of your devices that have a connection to the internet from anywhere. To setup Amcrest camera cloud storage, lets see the instructions. Network speed is very important factor in the quality of the video feed and storage to the cloud. Amcrest recommends a Download speed of 4.5 or higher and an Upload speed of a 1.5 or higher for every camera setup to the cloud.

  1. To use the Amcrest cloud, the device or the Amcrest camera should be connected to the wifi or Ethernet. The Amcrest Cloud is applicable to Amcrest PoE and wi-fi IP cameras only.
  2. From your web browser, visit or download the Amcrest cloud App on your mobile device, to sign up for a free or paid Cloud account. Setup this account according to your choice, free or paid version which ever you want to go for.
  3. When you setup the Cloud account  on the App on your mobile device, click on the “Add Camera” button. It will ask you to name your device, so do that and tap Next.
  4. It will try to discover the previously configured device, select your device. For new one, Scan the QR code located on your device to automatically generate the serial number. You can also manually enter it in by typing it into the Enter camera S/N (serial number) field. 
  5. Now you need to enter the camera username and password. This is related to the login for your camera, not your Amcrest Cloud account. 
  6. Go to the Settings page and adjust your preferences, configure the cloud settings for your camera and then click “Finish
  7. You will be taken to the main menu of the app. Click on LIVE to view your camera in the cloud.

How to Setup Amcrest AI Camera Smart Motion Detection for Vehicle and Human Detection

The Amcrest Smart Motion Detection (SMD) triggers an alarm when a person or vehicle is detected. This feature comes with an advanced algorithm to differentiate between human and motor vehicle shapes within a scene. This reduces false alarms and can precisely deliver the correct type of alarm. To setup SMD on Amcrest camera system based ion AI, please follow the below mentioned instructions. We recommend to setup this Amcrest camera feature for your main door , outdoors and backdoor camera system or location where vehicle traffic is expected.

  1. Log in to the web user interface for your camera, and click on Setup.
  2. Click on the option Event and from there click on the option Smart Motion Detection and then to activate it click Enable.  
  3. Once it is enabled, you need to use the effective object filter options to allow the device to detect between human or motor vehicles. Both filters can be enabled at the same time, to better detect a motion event. Click the Record checkbox to allow the rule to be recorded and click Save.
  4. For an email containing snapshot of the event enable the email option , however email should have been already configured. You are all set for AI bases smart detection.

The Amcrest camera setup can be performed on mobile devices, computer and with wifi, Ethernet and without internet as well. It totally depends upon the end user requirements and device model. It is recommended to understand the primary use of camera system and your location and then setup the camera accordingly. Users may have some specific requirements and few models may not fit perfectly there. Talk to Amcrest support for any help with selecting and setting up your devices.