How to set up remote access for your amcrest camera?

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Setup Amcrest Camera Remote Access : Why it is good? 

Looking to have the option for viewing your cameras from any device and from anywhere?, you need to  setup Amcrest camera remote access. This is a feature that allows you to access your camera remotely on a different network and device from any where around the world. This feature is called Amcrest camera remote access, which allows the user with several facilities, when on the move or travelling to keep an eye on security status. If you somehow don’t have access to your mobile device for viewing cameras back home, you can still access it on another device provided the remote access has been configured. For example, if you loose your smart phone when away from home, remote access allows you to view your cameras on another device without having to configure. People love this and it is beneficial for those who are frequent travelers. If you are not aware of the benefits of having remote access to your smart devices, please click here. In short, if you have setup Amcrest camera remote access, you can access you device from anywhere from any network enabled access device.

To access your camera outside of your home or any other place (Like in a different location from the camera) or from any other device remotely, you will need to enable the DDNS feature in the settings of the device. To setup Amcrest camera remote access services, you certainly need to set up your mobile application with your camera. If you do not know the Amcrest app setup process, please click here and read till the end of the article. For the successful remote viewing setup for your Amcrest device, you need enable DDNS to Setup Amcrest Camera Remote Access, Enable port forwarding and create your domain name. Login to web account with username and password created during set up and for browser, would need to download the required plugins. To setup Amcrest camera remote access or remote viewing you can also ask for help. For such scenarios, Our Amcrest support desk is there that can help you win the instant resolution for any kind of technical issues and to setup Amcrest camera remote access for remote viewing.

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How to setup Amcrest camera remote access : Setup Guide

Lets us give you few important things about secure remote access 

Now when you are looking to accessing your cameras either through Amcrest app or software. The device should be accessible on local network or your phone App. On the same note, here is the accurate information which will allow you to setup the Amcrest camera remote view application on your other devices successfully, outside your network. For the purposes of these guided solutions, we are going to discuss the most common methods for setting up Web access for your cameras.It is the  Port forwarding method that use the HTTP protocol and the Dynamic Domain Name Server (DDNS), is the easiest way to setup Amcrest camera remote access.

For setting up this DDNS and port forwarding method, you can do it from your home or local network only. Here you will be making changes on device settings and router , for which you need to have direct access to your router as well as the knowledge to port forward the device using the router’s built-in interface. See the exact steps here for DDNS and follow your Router manual for port forwarding.

Setup Amcrest Camera Remote Access On PC and Mac Computer

There are multiple ways to set up remote access for Amcrest cameras like through Quick DDNS, Amcrest DDNS, Amcrest cloud  and Amcrest view. Lets discus  them one by one , however if you need any assistance from support or facing any technical error, please contact Amcrest camera support .


The primary means of accessing the web user interface for your Amcrest NVR DVR device in a web browser should be Internet explorer. The latest editions of other mainstream browsers may not work due to discontinuation of plugins, but Amcrest is working on it. You can also use secondary browsers for the web user interface such as,  SeaMonkey, and Pale Moon web browsers. Please note* SeaMonkey is compatible with Windows and Mac, Pale Moon is only compatible with Windows and Linux systems. Remember, both these will require the use of a plugin like other web browsers.

1: First thing you need to know for Amcrest camera remote access, will be IP address of system. You can locate the IP address for your device using the Amcrest IP Config Tool.

2: Now lets enter this IP address into the Internet Explorer  or browser top bar and press enter to load the web user interface.

3: Once it loads up on the web user interface,You will see the login option and now enter the login credentials for your device. If this is the first time accessing the device, the username and password will both be admin. Click on Login.Amcrest Remote access for DVR

4: Now you will be prompted to modify the password for your device.  Select a strong password for extra security and complex combination if possible.

5: Now to view your device on the browser you will get prompt to download the plugin. Download the plugin, by clicking on prompt in the middle of the screen and allow it to run. You device will accessible on web now.

Setup Amcrest camera Remote Access on PC :  Guide for Windows

To set up remote access you need a pc and the IP address of camera. As discussed in the above segment find the IP address of your device using given steps.

  1. First thing you require is the ability to login to the web user interface ( browser) for your device from your home network or LAN.
  2. Now lets download the plugins to access the camera’s live feed, which are mandatory. If you’re using a laptop it require the plugins to be downloaded once connected remotely through Amcrest DDNS.
  3.  Now when your are logged in with live view, Please select “Setup option” on the top right hand corner to access the camera’s configuration menu. Here you will see a set of tabs or menu, so now lets click on the “Network” option from the menu and on next screen please  select “Connection” option to access the port information for your device. 
  4. Once you are there in the connections menu options, the HTTP port could be set to any value depending upon your devices, but we need to change the HTTP Port number to something other than 80. Its has to be 5 numbers. For example 35366, 37789 and save that port number or memorize it. Then please click Save. Now the camera will restart, wait here and allow the camera to restart and come back online.
  5. Now after camera is back on,  you need to put the new IP address of the camera in following the HTTP PORT( the same port we saved earlier in pervious step on connection menu). The login screen of the camera will be back on again and lets login now.
  6.  Now lets start the DDNS setup , For the DDNS configuration of camera system, please select the option “DDNS” below the “Network” tab from the left of the configuration menu. Now the DDNS tab will be open for you.
  7.  Moving to next step, Now we need to select and enable the DDNS Provider checkbox in the menu. In the Domain field, enter the custom domain name you would like to setup for your device, only first part is editable, rest is default extension (
  8. The last steps now is to click on “Save” to save and apply the configured settings to your device. All done, you can now log into the web user interface for your device remotely. Your remote access for Amcrest camera has been completed. Now ready to login from anywhere with credentials.

How To Setup Amcrest Camera Remote Access on Mac : Set up guide MAC computer

For Mac users the process remain basically same as windows, with just with few different steps. The important steps for Amcrest camera remote access includes Apple Airport forwarding. Lets begin the setup now with a Mac computer.

For  remote access on your Mac, you will need to port forward your Apple AirPort through AirPort Utility tool on your desktop in addition to other steps.

  1. First step is to find your Apple AirPort option, for this lets open your “System Preferences” from the dock or finder of your computer.
  2. In the preferences menu, lets select “Network” option and here, we then need to select the network your Mac is connected to such as Wi-Fi(network name). Then click on “Advanced” and the configuration window will appear for wifi.Set up remote access for amcrest on mac

  3. In advance configuration, we will now select the “TCP/IP” tab to look for more into your router information.
  4. Alternatively, if you have the Apple AirPort,  we need to  follow the guide below to port forward through the AirPort Utility application.
  5. We will have to click on the AirPort and more information will show just like box with the options menu. Here on the box bottom right lets click on “Edit button” to open the configuration screen for the AirPort you have selected.
  6. On this screen here, we need to ensure the Network tab is selected first at the top. Now in the menu under Port Settings click the + sign to create a new forwarding entry and window will open up.
  7. Under Description, you need a give name to this entry. Enter in the following ports you created from the camera’s Connection menu (examples shown below). The HTTP, TCP, and UDP ports will be required for Amcrest DDNS access. Please ensure that the Private IP Address is the local ID/Domain address of your camera. Now lets  click Save and allow the updates to be applied to Apple AirPort Router. Once the updates have completed lets continue to the next step.Setup remote access for amcrest cameras on mac
  8. Now when you are logged in, select DDNS under the Network tab from the configuration menu. The DDNS menu will appear, now lets enable the DDNS Provider. Also we will select Amcrest DDNS from the drop down menu. Enter in a custom domain name just like we did on the pc earlier, that will be used to connect to the camera from remote locations.  After all adjustments have been made click Save to apply the changes you’ve made. You will need to log back into the camera using the HTTP port you created.  All done on mac remote access for amcrest and we have successfully setup Amcrest DDNS for remote access viewing and playback of the selected camera. Please note* For any issues or system failure to connect try to reboot system or talk to Amcrest support guides for more help on this. For any live help with Amcrest camera remote access setup, Dial phone +1 530-455-9359 to speak our support team now

How To setup Amcrest camera remote access Using Amcrest Surveillance Pro

DDNS stands for dynamic Domain Name System. Everything like device, website etc on the internet has an Ip address and DNS is a service that maps internet domain names to IP addresses. It’s a DDNS service that lets you access your device from anywhere in the world on any device. This is primarily to access devices through web interface. You would again need IP address and port number here for troubleshooting in case of any technical glitch. Learn port forwarding. Here are step by steps instructions from Amcrest surveillance pro support on DDNS setup.

  1. To set up DDNS service you will need to port forward your device. Port forwarding is basically granting access to device network port from outside networks. If you are not able to setup the port forwarding or need help with any networking modifications you can talk to Amcrest support . Make sure your device port forwarding is setup properly with correct port numbers.
  2. Now open and navigate to the Amcrest Surveillance Pro software and click on the Device CFG icon located on the main menu (configuration menu on bottom). Amcrest surveillance pro setup amcrest camera Remote access guide that expalins everything about this software and its setup
  3. Now when you are in the Device CFG menu, please select the device from the device group and click on Network, then click on the DDNS option. 
  4. The DDNS interface opens up and now you need to Click on the Enable check box and enter the DDNS information into the interface. 
  5. The DDNS provider will default as AMCREST DDNS, please leave this selection as AMCREST DDNS. Additionally, the server address will be remote access for amcrest surveillance pro options acreen setup remote access for amcrest surveillance pro options screen to add custom domain name and password
  6. Now you have to name the camera to access it just like you name a website and it is called domain name. Lets enter a Domain Name. Please use a unique domain name when setting up DDNS, any domain used by other device will not be available for you. so it has to be unique. After the domain name enter the Username and password for the device and update interval (in seconds) and click Apply and Save to save the DDNS settings to your device. 

Now lets try Accessing the you cameras on DDNS

The DDNS address you will use to access your device will be formatted as follows in the web browser, “” For instance, if you used “myhomecamera” as your domain name, and 88487 as the HTTP port number, the DDNS IP address used will be formatted as follows:  “”. This will open up the login interface and now you can enter the username and password you setup earlier.

Setting up NVR Remote Access (away from home)

For access you NVR while on the move or away from home, we will discuss the most common method for setting up web
access. Using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and Dynamic Domain Name Server (DDNS)
functionality is the easiest way to setup stable remote access. For this method, your router should support the UPnP networking protocol and the protocol should be enabled. Please note
that most common routers will support this feature. Please refer to your router‟s manufacturer
documentation to learn how to enable UPnP on your router.
  1. Locate the IP address for your device using the Amcrest IP Config Tool. The Amcrest IP Config Tool can be downloaded at the following web page:
  2. Once logged in you need to set up static ip and It is recommended to take a screenshot or write down the IP Address for later use within the router or to provide it to your ISP if necessary.
  3. Using the Menu Bar on the left Click the Network tab and select Connection. Inside the connection tab, you will see the following menu.

  4.  Set the TCP PortUDP Port, and HTTP Port to any desired number within its permitted port number selection. please note down the ip and port numbers here*

UPnP Configuration (Router Specific)

Before attempting to set your camera to UPnP, ensure your router is capable on UPnP. This information can be found from the manufacture or provided by the ISP. This will ultimately bypass any port forwarding required by the end-user or the ISP and set it automatically.

1. Select Setup in the top right-hand corner of the interface to access the Advanced Configuration screen.

2. Using the Menu Bar on the left select the UPnP tab. Enable the UPnP function.Setup remote access for Amcrest NVR : Amcrest remote viewing

3. You may also have to setup the http port to 37776. Enable ddns and note down the domain name for future reference.

4. Please uncheck the last 4 options in Upnp box RTSP, SNMP, HTTPS and hit apply. You should be good to go from here.


Well, hope this helped you to understand the process, however at time when you need help, you can speak to Amcrest support. All you need to do is contact us or do a one to one conversation with our support team. Fill this web form and we will get back to you asap.

Need help to setup remote access for your Amcrest, submit request for more information.

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