How to install an Amcrest camera yourself?

How to install an Amcrest camera yourselfAmcrest camera setup

Every Amcrest camera, when we buy it comes with a box containing different items with manual. Amcrest camera manual, that helps us to learn or try to know how to install an Amcrest camera yourself or setup Amcrest camera system either on home or office, either inside or outside. Do you think by reading the Amcrest camera setup manual, you can properly install an Amcrest cameras to your home/office? “yes you can do so but not properly customized ” it gives only basic overview of Amcrest camera setup process and can be bit stressful for first time users. Here we explained step by step how to install an Amcrest camera setup yourself. For any custom camera installation assistance or for perfect setup with smart devices, you can also dial Amcrest support number

Basic steps to install an Amcrest camera yourself: Go through the steps to know more

How to install an Amcrest camera yourselfAmcrest camera setup
How to install an Amcrest camera yourself? 4

1. Choose a high, broad angle for your camera: You must find the best place any room is usually looking down from the corner where the ceiling meets the walls. Make sure you can clearly see all entries and exits and that the camera is near a power outlet 

• If Amcrest customers mount a camera outside, place it above 10ft so that it cannot be easily knocked down. 

2. Mount your camera to the wall:  Amcrest security cameras come with sticky pads to adhere your camera to the wall, but screwing your amcrest camera in is the safest way to mount your amcrest security cameras long-term. All amcrest cameras are different but, amcrest cameras are mounted the same way:

• Place the mount in its desired location, making sure what area you want to cover. See the camera installation area coverage guide

• Amcrest customers should make marks on the wall where each screw should go.

• Drill a hole for each screw using an electric drill for your amcrest camera

• Hammer in any molding pins.

• Screw the mount into the wall.

• Position the camera to your desired angle. 

3. Attach your amcrest camera to a power source. Amcrest cameras come with a power adapter that plugs into a normal wall socket. 

• If your amcrest camera power adapter is missing or broken, contact your manufacturer.

4. Attach a wired amcrest camera to your DVR. Amcrest Surveillance camera equipment is connected using a BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) connection. BNC cables are very simple as well as easy to use. They are identical on both sides and amcrest customers can  simply plug them into the appropriate port, turning a small nut on the end to lock it in place. Plug one end into your amcrest camera’s “Output” and the other into one of the DVR “Input” ports.

Note which input you plug into — this is the input your DVR must be set to in order to view your amcrest camera’s video.

• If amcrest customers do not have a BNC connection, amcrest customers can buy a simple BNC adapter online or at a hardware store. 

5. Link wireless amcrest security cameras to your computer. Wireless amcrest cameras will come with a software disc that you need to install to view your feeds. Follow the on-screen instructions to access your amcrest security cameras 

• Amcrest security cameras have a small receiver that attaches to your computer through a USB port. Make sure this is properly attached.

• Write down your camera’s IP address (ex. if provided — this number can be typed into any web browser to view your amcrest camera remotely.

6. Attach the monitor to the DVR. This connection uses a BNC cable as well, but some DVR’s can attach with HDMI cables or coaxial cables. Using your connection, attach one end to the DVR’s “Output” port and the other to the monitor’s “Input.”

• You can hook up as amcrest cameras as your DVR has inputs — it will automatically record every camera you install.

•Note which input you plug into– this is the input you need to choose to see your amcrest cameras.

7. Troubleshoot any connection issues. Check that the amcrest camera, DVR, and monitor are all hooked up to a power supply and turned on. First of all, Amcrest customers should check the cables are securely attached and that you have selected the right inputs for your DVR and monitor. Some monitors will display every amcrest security camera at the same time, others have “input” buttons that allow you to switch between amcrest cameras.

Initial installation and connection guide by our amcrest technical support

1. Connect the power supply to the Amcrest camera

2. Connect the Ethernet (also known as UTP or LAN) cable to the router/switch/modem/ or directly to the PC. Connect the cable to the IP camera.

3. Insert the included CD and run the IP search tool software. It’s usually named as IP search tool, IP search, camera search, etc. This software is used to discover the local network and find the IP address of the camera.

4. Once the device appears in the list it will show the IP address and port number of the camera. Generally, the search tool offers the option to directly access the camera by pressing the “open” or “browse” button, or just double click on the detected IP camera. You can enter the IP address into the Internet Explorer web browser. Just enter the address in this format: or The is the IP address and, yy is the is the port number, for example

When the camera web interface starts, customers can log in with the default username and password. For instance, the user name is “admin”, and the password is “admin” or blank.

Peer-to-peer installation and usage 

1. Connect the power supply to the camera

2. Connect the Ethernet (also known as UTP or LAN) cable to the router/switch/modem/ or directly to the PC. Connect the cable to the IP camera. Make sure the camera has internet connection.

3. Use your smartphone, download and install the dedicated IP camera application. You can find the app details in the user manual and/or on the sticker attached to the camera casing.

4. Start the app. Now you need to set the connection between the smartphone app and the camera. Customers just input the camera identification code, which is located on the sticker on the camera. The smartphone app supports manual input and automatic input by QR code. 

1. You can enter the P2P ID code manually through the phone keyboard.

2. You can use the smartphone camera to read the QR code from the sticker.

5. Once the camera is recognized you can open the camera live view. This way the camera will be accessible either from the local wired or wireless LAN connection or from remote internet connection.

Amcrest support to Set up Wireless connection

1. First of all, connect the IP camera first with an Ethernet (LAN) cable to your router.

2. Run the included IP camera tool software from the CD to find the actual IP address.

3. Enter the IP address with the port number to the web browser (Internet Explorer recommended). For instance, URL format is http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:YYYY ,where X characters represent IP addresses and Y is the port.

4. Log in to the web management interface. People can set default username and password. Default username and password People can be found on the sticker on the camera unit or in the user manual. For instance, the default username is “admin”, and the password is “admin” or it is blank.

5. Make sure the required ActiveX controls are installed.

6. On the management interface select wireless LAN (Local Area Network) settings, People can press scan button and select your WIFI network and then enter the required parameters.

7. The camera will connect to WIFI.  Some cameras reboot automatically.

8. When it’s up and running, please disconnect the network cable, then wait a minute while the camera obtains a new IP address for the wireless interface.

9. Run again the IP camera tool to find the new IP address.

In case of WIFI connection issues see troubleshooting:

• Please note that sometimes it’s necessary to restart the camera after configuring the WIFI connection.

• Make sure the camera has full WIFI signal range. Test it closer to the WIFI router.

• Make sure the IP and MAC filtering options are disabled and the SSID broadcast is enabled on the router.

• Try to change the WIFI radio channel.

• Avoid using special characters and white spaces in the SSID and WIFI password.

For testing, temporarily disable WIFI encryption (WIFI password protection) and test on an open WIFI network.

Amcrest support important TIPS AND WARNING:

TIPS: Amcrest Camera surveillance packages come with the wires, DVR, and cameras included, and are a much easier way to start your system then buying everything separately.


Know your limits — if you are uncomfortable drilling, working on ladders, or wiring electrical connections, call a professional or get a security system package installed.

• It may be illegal to record people without their consent, unless they are on your private property. In some places it may also be illegal to secretly record someone’s voice, but not their image, even on your own private property. You should take the time to understand the local regulations before you install cameras on your property.