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Amcrest camera failed to connect: “How to Fix” Amcrest wireless camera support

Amcrest wireless camera is known as one of the most trusted devices for security and surveillance. Amcrest has been continually making efforts to provide latest and path breaking tech camera features and services with every new model roll out.With the induction of more features and device integrations it is possible you see error Amcrest camera failed to connect sometimes. It could new with new camera or while reconnecting and linking with other smart wireless devices, so here is the expert guide from Amcrest wireless camera support on how to deal with Amcrest camera failed to connect error. Amcrest camera failed to connect Error can show up due to issue related camera, phone, app, network and compatibility. We will discuss one by one to find out how to fix this Amcrest camera failed to connect error in detail here. Amcrest camera failed to connect

Amcrest Wireless Security Camera is specifically designed to provide premium features of security, be it for protecting your loved ones or your employees. These features and device integration with other devices can sometimes show connectivity error, Amcrest camera failed to connect is one of them that you see while arming the device with Amcrest App. Please follow the below given instructions from amcrest support services to diagnose issues.

Follow the below given guide before you get in touch with our Amcrest support. In case the Amcrest wifi camera setup fails with technical error like Amcrest camera failed to connect etc, related to the application or camera. You can always seek advice from support  as our skill technicians will provide instant resolution for the problems.

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Why Amcrest camera failed to connect to wifi Error?

Amcrest camera failed to connect is very common error and it is also easy to fix most of times. Please note that theses error showing failed to connect are primarily related to network connectivity. Where your Amcrest camera failed to connect with your home or work network due to it software glitch or an existing problem with your network configuration. There could be other instance where your Amcrest wont connect to wifi because of some networking issues. The overall good or bad setup or stability of your network decides the efficiency of how wireless device would connect and functions on your network. The following Amcrest camera failed to connect article will assist you with resolving your Amcrest camera failed to connect issue and provide detailed information on how to troubleshoot and setup device properly.
Amcrest camera failed to connect error is due to either the camera software, wifi settings or external factors like signal interference in general

On the same note, we are today talking about the step by step guidance for avoiding Wi-Fi connection issues with amcrest cameras. You can follow each of the below-given steps accurately to resist connectivity error and contact us for Amcrest troubleshooting.

Common reasons why your Amcrest camera failed to connect to wifiamcrest camera failed to connect error, How to fix guide from Amcrest tech support

1. Power Supply Related issue:

There are several reasons which would be giving rise to the connectivity error of the amcrest outdoor cameras. To successfully resolve issue such scenarios like Amcrest failed to connect , you need to start by checking on the power supply system connected to your camera. Please ensure that the router and your camera are connected to the working power socket. It may sound dumb but yes your power socket could be the root cause of the issue, not providing required power frequency or input that the device needs to work. Insufficient power supply wil not allow the device to work properly and when you try to connect it with App, it will show Amcrest Camera failed to connect error.

2. Ensure the WiFi Password Is CorrectAmcrest failed to connect to wifi due to incorrect wifi password

Sometimes wrong passwords can also be the reason for Wi-Fi connection errors. That is why you must ensure that you are providing the correct password. This step is valid if you are connecting the device first time, as people don’t remember the correct password and may just guess and try. Many a times the IP camera won’t connect to WiFi or you will see error “Amcrest camera failed to connect” or to log in only because of the incorrect password. Make sure the WiFi login password you are entering is correct. it is possible that you have too many passwords and the chances that you may mix them up are always there. Check your password from the another device connected to network or see your list and ensure the password you enter is the right one of the right WiFi name or SSID.

3. Due to Signal Interference Amcrest camera failed to connect to wifiamcrest camera failed to connect to wifi due to signal interference

The next troubleshooting step should be a quick Wi-Fi signal check-up. To do that, you should first open the Google internet speed calculator. There you will analyze the speed of Wi-Fi signals. Apart from that, you should also check whether the router provides an accurate frequency for your camera to run and whether there is any interruption with the signals. If there is a bad camera signal or poor signal strength of router at the location, the Amcrest camera will not be able to find WiFi signal, it requires for proper connectivity, and Amcrest camera fails to connect to the WiFi. The IP camera should not be too far from the router or face weak signal issue. You can always check the distance between the IP camera and the router, depending upon your router the strength may vary as there are few routers with very long area coverage and few with medium or low. The official website of manufacturer of your router can provide all the required details and will have that information. Use signal boosters if there is poor signal at the location you are trying to setup your camera and it will help you fix Amcrest camera failed to connect error.

4 Amcrest failed to connect due to loose antennasAmcrest camera failed to connect to wifi due to loose antenas

The loose antennas could also result in Wi-Fi errors, so you must adjust mint with the camera and antenna positions. Check if the antennas are fixed well or not at the first place when you find the IP camera won’t connect to WiFi. Normally, when you get the product package, the antennas are not connected to the camera. You need to manually install the antennas to the wireless IP camera. Make sure you’ve tightened the antennas to the camera.

5. Software or Firmware issue causing Amcrest camera failed to connect

You could also be sure that the firmware of the camera is not running on the old version and if the answer is yes, please make sure that you update it as soon as possible because this is one of the most common reasons behind Wi-Fi troubles. The device old internal settings or software are not be compatible with latest one, so install or download the latest Amcrest App and fix the Amcrest failed to connect error.

6. Amcrest camera failed to Connect due to SSID WiFi Settings

Sometimes this error “Amcrest camera failed to connect” could be because of an issue with SSID wifi settings, your SSID may not be configured properly for example, most IP cameras work on 2.4 Ghz and you are using 5.0Ghz for all other devices, means you have never used 2.4 frequency and it is not configured properly. Try connecting another device to 2.4 and see if it works . Try to change the SSID in order to differentiate it from 5.0ghz.

7. Amcrest camera failed to connect due to IP Address conflict 

It has been noticed in some cases, when you connect the wireless connection may be picking up a different IP address which is unknown for your router /camera DHCP. Specifically when reconnecting an old camera or when the router has been changed you may suffer IP address conflicts.
You can always check if the IP address of you camera has issues by using commands through your computer. Get the IP address of your camera using Ipconfig tool and try the further troubleshooting to resolve issues.

If IP address is okay you can always run netshwinsock/reset command on computer to fix the issue if device is accessed through a windows computer.

8. Network Power Cycle to resolve Amcrest camera failed to connect

Yes, it is right, you can resolve connectivity issue and failed to connect by performing network power cycle. To power cycle the device, please remove the device from its power source and allow the device to shut down. This should take approximately 15–20 seconds to complete. Once complete, plug the router back in with its power supply and allow the device to boot back up. When the device is ready, try to connect to the device again. Same process goes for your camera power cycle. power off completely and wait and reconnect. This comes handy as it resolves few connection glitches automatically.

9. Reset your Amcrest device to factory settings

If a power cycle of the Amcrest camera or device was not successful, there could be an internal error with the camera and a you can opt in for Amcrest camera factory reset (click the link to get detailed information). In simple words please understand that to perform a factory reset on your Amcrest device, you need to first locate the reset switch on Amcrest device and hold the reset switch down for about 45 seconds. The device will begin to reset and wait for few minutes and it should be ready to reconnect.


These are the few systematic changes that you must make accurately to get instant fix for the Wi-Fi concerns of the camera and a mobile application. Also, we would request you to contact us immediatelyby phone or use the live chat and inform us about the error for further diagnostics.  Remember, Amcrest camera will fail to connect only due to three failure, 1 your phone device, network and camera software. So talk to support and get instant help if the above guide was not able to help you resolve the issue.

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