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Amcrest tech support is easily accessible via Amcrest support phone +1-530-455-9359 an chat option to resolve customer issues from the last two years. Amcrest support can provide the best tips and options to the customers for Amcrest setup and general troubleshooting. When facing any issues, you can simply dial our Amcrest technical support number. Amcrest customer support phone number  works all 7 days of the week. The amcrest support desk is always available for customers via email as well to provide the easy connect and response services with best solutions.


Are you facing any problems with Amcrest Camera? Not able to install the software application on your mobile or facing any functionality issues? No need to worry, help is just a phone call away. Amcrest support offers total support including third party devices as well that may include your smart home devices, router and access systems/applications Amcrest Support can help you. Our experts over the phone or via email and chat options can take care of camera non functionality issues and device integration problems.

Amcrest Tech Support is there to resolve all issues to improve your camera usage experience. You can seek the help of Amcrest support guides who are available round the clock. Please ensure you are in front of your camera and devices to find the proper fix for your problems. You Can communicate to Amcrest support team at Amcrest Support number +1-530-455-9359.

Common Issues Face By Customers – Amcrest tech support


  • Install Software application.
  • Amcrest cloud
  • NVR/DVR password issue
  • Wi-fi issues
  • Battery issue
  • Doorbell
  • Video and Audio recording
  • Storing problem
  • Backup issues
  • Installation hardware
  • Transfer video issues

Amcrest Camera setup: 

Amcrest camera setup is fairly easy but once in while some customers may get stuck due to some technical glitch with network and software package installation. Now you can also setup your Amcrest Security cameras with the help of live agent from Amcrest technical support team. Our Amcrest camera setup team at Amcrest Tech Support can guide you for the best possible solutions as per your requirements. For all third party device integrations and issues, Amcrest support recommends you to dial the support number for correct diagnostics and immediate resolution.

Data Backup and recovery

Backup and recovery is an important part of the camera for security purpose. If you are unable to retrieve an important footage or lost audio-video data, please make sure to connect immediately with our expert Amcrest team. Cloud is the best way to store and backup your videos and audios and for any issues related to cloud backup and recovery dial Amcrest support at +1-530-455-9359.

Amcrest Software & hardware installation: Amcrest tech support.

Our Amcrest Support help desk offers and provide all camera support  services, related to installation of software applications in your mobile phone and Amcrest camera installation. If you are new to Amcrest, please follow the guidelines available with the device or dial the Amcrest tech Support number +1-530-455-9359. Help is available at Amcrest Tech support via chat and email 24/7 or you can call at our Amcrest support number for live assitance.

Transfer videos solutions

Amcrest customer easily transfer your videos and audios with others. The Amcrest Tech Support team provides solutions to transfer related problems.

Amcrest customers can discuss and solve your Amcrest camera issues with our Amcrest technical support


Amcrest Tech Support
Amcrest Technical Support

Dial Amcrest Tech Support Number and our customer support is open 24/7. Amcrest customers can connect with Amcrest technicians through online or call. Amcrest support can help you find the best resolution in the shortest time. Amcrest customers can connect with our hassle-free phone support desk and can get quick solutions by online remote assistance.

We focus on good customer experience and also help with third party devices setup along with your Amcrest camera device.


  • Amcrest technical support helps to extend the lifetime of your camera devices. The Amcrest support help desk can always provide expert solutions and plans with services covering all aspects of camera setup.
  • We always strive to provide quick solutions and recommend customers to call for immediate help when physically present at the camera installation site.

When your Wi-Fi connection is not GOOD- get tips with the help  of Amcrest tech support

A good network is very important for proper functionality and with poor or unstable wireless connection, you may face problems with Amcrest camera. Stable Wi-Fi network is required for your Amcrest camera device to work properly. Please ensure to check for any physical damage before following the below given steps to fix the Amcrest camera Wifi problems. Find out below how you can check your network and try to fix few problems on your own or for live assistance you can always dial Amcrest support number.

1 : Change the position of your router.

The first thing to check is proper signal at the camera location, if your signal is low it means the router is not at proper location. So the Amcrest camera device is loosing  wi-fi signal. Consequently, your Amcrest device won’t not work due to constant connection loss. Try adjusting your router position and if not possible you can use range extenders to enhance signal strength.

2: Replace router with a more powerful router.

Your router itself can be a problematic due to its low output. Some customers are using old router, with low range wi-fi signals. So,customers need to change router, which has more powerful wi-fi signals. Amcrest support recommends to get in touch with network service provider for router issues and upgrades or can also speak with  Amcrest support and we can also help you diagnose and resolve your wi-fi signal problems.

Power line extenders.

Power line extenders work by imparting a signal through the electric wires that as of now exist inside your home, letting you stretch out your system to any area where there is an electrical outlet.


How to troubleshoot: Amcrest tech support


Amcrest Tech Support
Amcrest tech support

Check your cablesAmcrest tech support

Cable is one of the major issues. First thing you need to do, is to check your cables. Because sometimes, the cable may be loose or not plugged properly or may have physical damage. You have to check all connection  carefully to rule out any hardware issues with cables.

Restart your network device- Amcrest tech support


Amcrest Tech Support

Sometimes, network device may not work properly, so you need to restart or reboot your network device as it helps to resolve issues most of the times. There is high possibility of getting wi-fi signal and minor glitches fixed with simple reboot.

To power cycle your networkamcrest tech support


Device Modem Router
Time 10 sec. 10 sec.


  • Establish a wireless connection between your camera device and network. if still unable to connect  check the signal strength and if it is good follow next step.
  • Try rebooting your camera and check again, if still not able to connect try factory resetting your camera( restore factory settings) as this will resolve any internal software or firmware glitches.
  • Check your router or network device IP settings and DHCP settings for assigning an ip address to your camera.
  • Still unable to connect to wifi , please talk to Amcrest Support for further diagnostics.

If you have tried the above-mentioned steps and still the problem is not resolved, you can always call at our Amcrest support helpline number +1 530-455-9359 .

Internet Connection Drops Frequently- Quick Steps – Amcrest tech support

If your device connects to the Internet initially, but then keeps loosing the connectivity, there are a few steps that might help you get a better signal. You can also ask our team if you find any problem while following the steps given by the  Amcrest Support desk.

A router should be closed your Amcrest device-

Amcrest device should be closed your network device, otherwise you will face a problem with wi-fi signals. We recommend using long rage routers and extenders.

Reduce Network Interference– Amcrest tech support

Sometimes, there is a chance, your wi-fi  network is connected with too many other devices such as computer, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets. So customers must check all conditions, as it can create interference and signal disturbance. You need to remove or reduce all interface with your network devices, otherwise your Amcrest camera may not work properly.


Amcrest Technical Support

Amcrest Tech Support provides appropriate solutions for the Amcrest camera device. Our expert team solve all issues with third parry devices as well,which are related to Amcrest camera. Amcrest technical support experts are well qualified and experienced to solve various Amcrest camera issues, they also have technical ability to deal with third party devices. We provide best and unique tips and tricks to our Amcrest customers, and with the help of our services, Amcrest customers are requested to reach help desk, when in front of the camera and other devices for satisfactory services. Amcrest technical support team is available 24/7, and you can connect to support experts at: +1-530-455-9359


Online Support is also Available: Amcrest Youtube Support

Amcrest Tech Support has the best and qualified staff for Amcrest customers to make sure their every query gets resolved. The expert teams are available to solve your Amcrest camera problems., we provide Amcrest technical support. All the services are designed in order to fulfill your requirements. You can get help from Amcrest tech support professionals online or also through video portals. Consult with our experts now at Amcrest Tech Support.

 Security Camera software Downloads

Find the Amcrest security camera software download links below. Choose the software appropriately according to your device and requirements. In case you find any difficulties setting up software or with third party device integrations, Amcrest tech support is there to help.

Download the Amcrest View Pro App for Android

Download the Amcrest View Pro App for IOS

Download the Amcrest Cloud App for Android


 Download the Amcrest Cloud App for iOS

Download the Amcrest Link App for Android


 Download the Amcrest Link App for iOS