Amcrest camera not connecting to wifi

amcrest camera not connecting to wifi

How to connect Amcrest camera to Wi-Fi / Amcrest camera not connecting to wifi

Amcrest camera not connecting to wifi : How to resolve wifi connectivity errors with Amcrest cameras


Amcrest camera not connecting to wifi

Amcrest camera not connecting to wifi. Amcrest camera works fine when it is plugged to the modem via an Ethernet cable. Amcrest camera won’t connect to wifi, and it keeps dropping the connection to the network. Such kind of issues are common which are primarily related to your networking. Network not detected or intermittent connectivity errors can be resolved by following the correct diagnostics and troubleshooting steps. Please find below the steps to resolve those issues and if you are unable to fix them on your own, Amcrest support is there to assist and you can Dial Amcrest support helpline phone +1 530-455-9359 for immediate assistance.

How to connect Amcrest camera to wifi or Amcrest camera not connecting to your router WiFi  is a common issue for end user who just go with default set up and doesn’t know much. What most of you would experience is the network connection offline or intermittent wifi connectivity issues or failed to connect to wifi error. When using a wireless Amcrest camera or a wireless Amcrest camera system issues can crop up due to many underlying factors with your router, networking device and camera system software etc.

Why Amcrest camera cannot connect with wireless network, or even unable to find WiFi?. Why my Amcrest camera goes offline mode every now and then, and why the Amcrest WiFi or PoE P2P camera failed to remotely connect to your phone?. We are going to discuss this in detail in this section and customers are advised to follow steps wise instructions for accurate diagnosis and its fix.

In that post, we will discuss the main causes and the steps to fix the issues from our camera guides, using which you will know how to fix the Amcrest camera not connecting the issue in a few minutes. For any question or in case you need help from Amcrest support , please get in touch with support and use our Chat option to get a live agent or call Amcrest support . You can also leave your comment here to get in touch with Amcrest support . Give us brief summary of the issue with you Amcrest device and we will get the right answer to you ASAP.

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How to connect Amcrest camera to wifi

It is very easy to configure with your smartphone, it has many useful settings to make the best use of it when being paired with your phone as you have on the go access to it. To use it with the PC you are required to download the Amcrest software from the web link or you can also get it from the CD located in the camera box. With Wi-Fi cameras the first thing is to check if your network connection is stable.

Amcrest camera connect to wifi


Amcrest camera connect to wifi

We recommend to use your smart phone be it android or IOS device, and check for signal strength at the point where you are planning to install your camera. Without proper signal it wont be worth putting up any security camera at that place. For lower signal strength we recommend using range extenders to enhance your wifi coverage area or upgrade your wifi router to a long range one. If signal strength is good you are good to proceed further with your camera setup.


Sign up or login : You need to login to Amcrest account first. To sign up for an Amcrest Cloud account, enter your name,
and choose a username and password for the cloud account. Enter the password again into the Confirm password section.
Next, enter your email address. This will be the email address that will be associated with your cloud account. Enter the
same email address into the Confirm email address section and press the Sign Up button when you are done.

Once you have downloaded the Amcrest Cloud app, open the app and allow all notifications.Press Sign Up to create a new Amcrest Cloud account. If you have already signed up for Amcrest Cloud, login here. Accept the terms of use for the account. To view the terms of use, click on View Terms. Tap on Agree to accept the terms of use and proceed with Amcrest Cloud setup

Amcrest cloud mobile setup :

Tap on Add Camera. Give the camera a name (Ex. Garage, Living Room,
Kitchen, etc.) and tap Next to continue. Scan the QR code on the back/side/bottom of the camera or manually enter the camera’s serial number into the Enter camera S/N (serial number) field. Press Next to continue. Note: On Android mobile devices, tap on Scan QR Code to access the QR code reader.

If you are adding a new camera that does not have a set password the app will automatically detect that a new camera is being added. Tap on OK to continue. If you already have a set password for your camera, enter the username and password, press Next

Set a new password for your device. The password must be between 8 to 32 characters long and contain only letters and numbers. When you have finished setting the password, enter the password again in the Confirm Camera Password section. Tap next to continue.

If you are connecting a WiFi device to the cloud and would like to enable WiFi via the Ethernet WiFi Setup Method, tap on Setup Camera WiFi. Additionally, if you would like to skip the WiFi setup process and have your WiFi camera running solely as a wired device, tap on Skip WiFi Setup.

If you wish to enable WiFi on your WiFi device, tap Scan to scan and select your WiFi network from the Wireless Network List. Enter the password for your WiFi network into the password field. When the WiFi password has has been entered, tap Next to continue. Confirm and adjust any needed settings for your camera. When all settings have been confirmed, tap on Finish. For any kind of issues during setup please contact Amcrest indoor camera support guides for further assistance, Dial our phone +1 530-455-9359 and select Amcrest indoor camera support guides.  Amcrest indoor camera quick start here


Amcrest View PRO Ethernet WiFi Setup

Recommended WiFi setup method for adding a new WiFi camera to Amcrest View Pro.
• Please ensure your camera is plugged into a power source and your Ethernet cable is connected from the camera to your router. The Ethernet cable can be removed after setup.
• Make sure your camera and mobile device are on the same network during setup.
• Android users using Android 8.0 and above and iOS users using IOS 13.0 and above please allow location access to allow the app to access connected Wi-Fi devices.

1 Download and install the Amcrest View Pro App from Google play store or App Store. It will ask for additional permissions to manage the devices and once all permissions have been allowed, tap the Start button to begin setting up your camera.

2 Tap on Wifi Camera and then Tap on Ethernet WiFi Setup

3 Connect an Ethernet cable from the router to the camera and power the device with the included power adapter. Allow the device to initialize and press Next to continue. Ensure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same WiFi network as your camera. Tap Next to continue.

4 Now Scan the QR code on the back/side/bottom of the camera or manually you can also enter the camera’s serial number into the Enter camera S/N (serial number) field. Press Next to continue. ( Android users, please verify the S/N on your device has been properly scanned only then please tap Next to continue).

5 Lets name the camera now (e.g. Garage, Kitchen, Living Room) and then provide the username and password for your camera. The default username and will be admin, so you can leave it as admin as well. Tap Next to continue.

6 Now you can choose your WiFi network from the WiFi list and enter the password for your SSID. Tap Next to continue. Remove the Ethernet cable from your camera and
wait 30 seconds, then tap Start Live View.

7 The app now will prompt you to change the password. Please enter a password between 8 and 32 characters and confirm the password. Now lets tap Modify Password to continue. For apple / iOS users option would be “Ok”, so please tap OK to continue.

Your camera is now set up and ready for use in the Amcrest View Pro app.

Note: Please make sure Location Permissions are enabled to scan for your WiFi Network. Now you can install the cameras, as Amcrest indoor camera support recommends to install the cameras after the setup is complete. It gives you live view and let you select the right angle for your cameras to cover the right angle for area coverage.

Talk to Amcrest support +1 530-455-9359 (7am-9pm Est)

Fix Your Amcrest Camera Not Connecting or Not Working to wifi

If you have a wireless Amcrest camera or a wireless Amcrest camera system, and the Amcrest camera WiFi is not connecting or the Amcrest camera keeps going offline no matter if it’s outdoor or indoor, you can try these tested solutions to fix the issue. Always rember, you camera runs on pre-configured settings for wifi and network your router has to meet those requirements. Issue in general is with settings or It might be a glitch with network or IP assigning conflict that may prevent your camera from establishing any connection. For intermittent connectivity try removing any object that may create interference with your network like refrigerators, microwave, metal objects etc. Now lets go through the steps that you can try to ensure proper Wifi connectivity for you Amcrest camera.

  • Check the Amcrest Camera to WPA2-PSK is enabled.
  • Make Sure the Wireless Amcrest Camera Is Powered on or not.
  • Ensure the Password Is Correct entered.
  • Make Sure There Is No Signal Interference.
  • Always connect to 2.4Ghz network.
  • IF you similar SSID for both 2.4 and 5 Ghz, change it to differentiate.
  • Check the DHCP settings on your router are on.
  • Try resetting your camera to factory settings and see if it works.
  • Power cycle your router and modem and try to re-establish wifi connection.

Amcrest Technical Support

But how you can connect Amcrest camera to Wi-Fi? Let’s see…

You can connect your Amcrest Camera to Wi-Fi in the following simple steps: Please follow the steps in order and read them first to get an overview of the Amcrest camera setup process. at any point of you get stuck or camera fails to connect, speak to Amcrest support for help.

Motion Detection : Amcrest camera not connecting to wifi

  1. First of all, you need to download the application “Amcrest View” on your Apple or Android smartphone. You need to have iOS 6.0 or later if you are using Apple phone and if using Android, you must have Android 3.0 or later.
  2. Now unpack the camera and connect it with power supply through the attached adapter. The camera will take 30 seconds to start and adjust, so please wait for few seconds here.
  3. Third step is to connect the Amcrest Camera with the internet through a Wi-Fi connection or cable.
  4. Connect the camera to the internet, either through a wired or Wi-Fi connection. You can do this by the Desktop access setup method or App Setup method.
  5. Now on your smartphone which is connected to same wifi launch the downloaded application of Amcrest View.
  6. Now look for the menu option at the top left, open it.
  7. Once in the Menu you will see few more options and please tap on“Device Manager” option.
  8. Now you are ready to add camera and need to choose “Add Device” from the Device Manager section by tapping the + plus icon on the top right.
  9. Now you have to choose the device that you wish to connect with your Amcrest Camera, it will show you your camera .

Amcrest camera not connecting to wifi

connect Amcrest camera to wifi


connect Amcrest camera to wifi

  1. After choosing the device, you are required to choose the type of connection. You can choose “Set up a New Camera on Wi-Fi”.
  2. Now your smartphone camera will be launched and you need to scan the QR code on the device that you wish to add to Amcrest View. You can also do this manually by entering the Serial Number. If your smartphone asks for permission for the application to use the camera, just allow it.
  3. After scanning the QR code or adding the serial number manually, you will be required to add the name of your device. The name can be anything that you wish. After naming the camera, you need to add a camera’s password and username. It is important to know that the password and username by default is admin. Now press “Next” to proceed further.
  4. Now you need to enter the password of your Wi-Fi connection on the screen that you see. In case your smartphone isn’t connected with the Wi-Fi device, you will be required to add the Network SSID and Wi-Fi password to continue.
  5. After a stable connection is established with the Wireless Network, you will see “Camera Successfully Connected”. Choose “Start Live Preview” to begin using your Amcrest camera.
  6. The application on your smartphone will require you to change the password of a minimum of 32 characters.
  7. Choose “Start Live View” to enjoy the Live View screen after changing the password.

Amcrest camera not connecting to wifi troubleshooting steps

It is possible to experience any troubleshoot during the process of connecting Amcrest Camera to your Wi-Fi connection. Many factors are responsible for failure in the connection such as location, network speed, or external factors. If this occurs at any stage, just restart the device and repeat the procedure to enjoy un-uninterrupted surveillance. how to connect amcrest camera to wifi

If this doesn’t work, you need to factory reset the camera which can be done by holding the power switch on the camera for 45 seconds and it will be reset. If it still doesn’t work, you may connect the support of Amcrest Camera at

Follow the Golden rule of network troubleshooting: Reset Your Modem and Router (Power Cycle)

Follow the steps exactly given here for a successful power cycle.

  1. Unplug the router first, then unplug the modem. Neither of them have power buttons, so it’s a matter of pulling the power cord out of the back of the modem or router. 
  2. Leave the devices unplugged for 30 seconds, then plug the modem back in followed by the router.
  3. Wait for some time time to boot up and connect by watching the activity lights, it generally takes time to you should not hurry usually 1 to 5 minutes time approx.
  4. Then try connecting to the Internet again on your phone, camera or any other device. If you are unable to connect the Amcrest camera to Internet,for assistance from Amcrest support via telephone.( remember to always call from home)
  5. One more step which can help you fix Amcrest not conencting to wifi is the process of flushing dns. Sometimes DNS service hampers your wifi connectivity where you are able to ping the camera but wont connect properly, DNS flush can resolve the issue.
  6. Another step you can try is to reset camera and then power cycle router and modem once the router is back on turn on the camera and then try connecting. It is a simple step but works very well in most complicated scenarios when Amcrest camera wont connect to wifi.
  7. Try setting up the camera using the Ethernet cable and then add the wifi setup through regular Amcrest camera setup process.

In case, the camera is used for outdoor purposes and is not routinely cleaned, the Ethernet port may corrode. So in this case, you need to replace the Ethernet port.

If you are having an issue with
the indicator light, you may turn it off on your PC or laptop using Web User

Night time reflection is another issue that you may face. This is due to IR reflection which is caused by nearby objects that reflect IR light or moisture on the camera. The lens damage is also possible which can only be fixed by replacing it. So it is needed to make sure that your camera is clean and away from the nearby objects.

It is recommended to talk to your network provider or you can talk to Amcrest support expert using the chat option for immediate help. We can help you diagnose and find a perfect resolution to networking problems.

Now let’s have a deeper look at the features, use, connection, and advantages of Amcrest Camera.

How to connect Amcrest camera to wifi

In the package you will find, in addition to the camera, support, the power supply with a 3-meter cable, the LAN cable, CD-ROM and the user manual.

The whole construction is plastic;
it looks like non-slip rubber, with the classic shape of the IP CAM and the
head that rotates according to where we want to see. The sensor is a 2
Megapixel Sony, a viewing angle of 90°, reaching a resolution in Full-HD at 30
FPS, up to 640 × 480 resolution to save data space, with an Ambarella
processor. Around the sensor there are all various LEDs for infrared night
vision, managing to view at a distance of 10 meters.

On the back, there is a small
speaker, since it supports bidirectional communication, the power input,
microphone, audio, Micro SD to save the recordings, the connection of a
possible alarm and LAN.

So once you have received the
product, you will download the application directly to your Apple or Android
smartphone “Amcrest View App”, adding a new room, enter the data of
the Wi-Fi connection and you will see live what is happening. You can activate
bidirectional communication and then talk to those who are at home even
remotely, rotate the view, make various adjustments to the image and activate
the motion sensor or in any case set all the alarms to your liking.

There is also another
“Amcrest Cloud” application that you will be able to carry out
practically all the same operations as the app explained above but the recording
will be saved online. So all the recordings will be saved on the cloud and also
visible from the PC via the browser. Unfortunately, you will save only 4 hours
with the free trial, but there are still various paid plans to be able to
extend the recording hours and perhaps the purchase of a Micro SD is less

In the CD-ROM, there is a software
for the LIVE vision of the camera and the indispensable one “Amcrest
Surveillance Pro”. You will have even more configuration possibilities and
use the PC as a DVR, but to avoid wasting a lot of time, it is always advisable
to insert an on-board Micro-SD.

Amcrest camera not connecting to wifi

Amcrest Camera has a lot of
advantages. Some of them are:

  1. After
    a week on day and night, with the motion alert configured at night, you will be
    very satisfied and with good image quality, it seems a bit like Full-HD action
    camera. The same goes for night vision and with good visual coverage up to 10
    meters away.
  2. Push
    notifications are sent promptly via smartphone in case of motion detection or
    an email can also be received. The Wi-Fi connection is always stable, even if
    there is no external antenna, it never loses the signal even from a distance
    and if you are a bit opposed to the wireless connection, we remind you that
    there is always the LAN input.
  3. There
    is an impossibility of changing the time printed on the video and after various
    tweaks, the only way to change it is in the PC application via the settings.
  4. The
    camera has a very good quality result. The images with HD resolution are of
    good quality. Amcrest provides 360-degree video surveillance solutions and,
    although the name may not say much to many, it represents a guarantee in the
  5. The
    camera is motorized and has an ethernet socket. It allows moving the lens
    horizontally, vertically and zoom, making it work was very simple.
  6. Amcrest
    provides a detailed instruction manual to guide the user step by step.
    Furthermore, online, numerous tutorials can also be found on YouTube. However, you
    can always refer to their site full of explanations and information. The
    impression of having purchased an anonymous camera vanishes immediately after
    reading all sorts of the information under the Amcrest brand.


So if you are looking for a
motorized surveillance camera, this Amcrest Camera is worth buying. Indeed, at
least one eye you will have to close for the price because surely there are
many other much cheaper solutions but after using it, you will not regret your
decision. It provides excellent videos in 1080p, good camera overall.

Did you buy it? What do you monitor in your home? Share your experience with us

Contact the Amcrest Support via Phone +1 530-455-9359 or chat

If you’ve tried all the solutions but still failed, there is probably because of any other issues. Contact the support team of the Amcrest camera Support +1 530-455-9359 and explain the issue to them.

Note: The ”Golden Rule” in IT troubleshooting is to reboot the device. You can try to reboot the Amcrest camera to see if the WiFi not working issue is solved.

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